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Good Morning Class,   

Penny Stock Professor has a last minute trading alert that we believe could easily 
break out this week, starting today! 

Our trading alert is LVGI, a very exciting company that has not one, but several 
different products in various industries that could easily see huge growth! 

Limitless Venture Group, Inc. (OTC: LVGI)known as "The Brand Builders" is
a full service brand development company dedicated to the production, distribution 
and marketing of unique, quality product lines. 

Limitless Venture Group and its group of diversified wholly-owned subsidiaries
have four product lines ready to dominate their markets!  

The Company has been quiet for a few months but just put out a shareholder update
on Friday and the stock traded huge volume to close the week.

This tells us that LVGI is ready to start moving this week and we want our
to take advantage of this great potential profit opportunity!

LVGI's initial marketing efforts will be for its subsidiary's full line of sports nutraceuticals
because of tremendous opportunity in this multi-billion dollar industry!

Limitless Ventures' G.E.A.R. was Created by one of the Top
Fitness Supplement Developers in the World, Pete Maletto!

Limitless Venture's Genetically Enhanced Anabolic Research Inc. (G.E.A.R.) subsidiary
has a full line of sports supplements developed, tested and ready for full production. 

Through dedicated research and innovation, G.E.A.R.'s nutritional supplements perform
better than any competing supplements in a huge market where most companies'
products are more hype than substance. 

G.E.A.R.'s supplement line was developed by the company's in house formulator
Pete Maletto, who is solely responsible for the product development for some
the top supplement companies in the world today!

Pete Maletto has successfully created products for Keto Foods and Life Services
Supplements from 1996-2004 where he served as the VP of Product Development. 

Maletto's development process spanned from concept to commercialization, resulting
in  the creation of over 200 low carb specialty products grossing from $40 million in just
4 years!

Considering that by 2017, the nutraceutical market is estimated to reach $75
in the US alone, LVGI's shareholders could see tremendous gains if
supplements take off the way we think they will! 


The G.E.A.R. product line consists of the following: 

NitrovascAll day vascularity formula NitroVasc creates unbelievable pumps in the
gym and helps you maintain vascularity for a great look out  of the gym.


G-Shock – Turbo charged, focus enhanced pre-workout formula containing Leucine
peptides, the highest quality creatine, beta alanine and 25 other amino acids.


Insulin Mass – Post-workout formula with a cutting edge, specific insulin inducing
protein and carbohydrate matrix to help force IP's strategic nutrient system to enhance
recovery and increase hormone related anabolism.


GearPro – Specific quick release low carb protein system that helps create anabolism
by providing and optimal anabolic hormone environment without the need for excessive


Gearpro Night – low carb protein system with slow release caseins and fiber with a
special night time nutrient blend for optimal recovery and growth.

Not only is LVGI's G.E.A.R. subsidiary positioned to take off, but the company also
markets the "Limitless Body" and "Limitless Health" product lines which are fully
tested, developed and ready for full production through Limitless Body, Inc.

LVGI's "Limitless Body" is the First and Only Body Care Line
Designed for the Huge Fitness and Bodybuilding Industries!

In a sport where presentation means the difference between success and failure,
LVGI's Limitless Body provides the flawless smooth skin better than any other

The Company's "Limitless Body" line consists if 5 top quality products with
market potential in the huge bodybuilding and fitness industries!

Muscle Butter
- This body soothing massage butter is specially developed by a
professional massage therapist to be extremely effective in fluid retention. 

Body Sugar - An energizing sugar body scrub that uses natural sugar crystals and
contains epson salt to help relieve muscle pain. 

Body Fresh - A unique body wash specifically developed for bodybuilders by a
professional massage therapist. 

Bare Skin - A specially formulated natural formula rich with glycerin, coconut oil 
and other essential oils, used to create a super moisturizing shave cream. 

Gym Sani-T - An alcohol-free sanitizer specifically designed for fitness fanatics. 

Why do we have such great confidence that the "Limitless Body" line will have 
huge success? 

Because the head of Product Development for Limitless Bodybuilding is Dr. Tian
Wang who is the founder, President and CEO of L'Onvie Inc., a leading technology
development company in the US. 

Dr. Wang is an entrepreneur and seasoned corporate executive with a proven track
record of developing award-winning products and has over 20 patents and patent
applications to his credit. 

With a history of leading the world's biggest brand names in the space such as Estee
Lauder, Revlon and Proctor and Gamble, he's developed new products and
 for successful product lines whose total sales were over $2 Billion!

What does this mean? 

That Limitless Body is positioned to experience huge sales and could help fuel
serious gains for those who get involved with LVGI now!

Visit Limitless Body's website to learn more about these innovative products

LVGI's "Limitless Health" Products could Take the Multi-Billion
Dollar Anti-Aging Market by Storm!

Anti-aging product sales are projected to reach $290 Billion by 2015 and OTC
Supplement sales are already $2.5 Billion per year and growing fast!  

Why is this so exciting? 

Because LVGI's "Limitless Health" product line is positioned to cash in on 
a sweet 
spot of this exploding market with its 3 superior OTC products!

LipiRestorin OTC - All natural cholestorol health supplement
Prostaderol OTC - All natural prostate health supplements
MaxTlevelin OTC - Male Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Lipirestorin™, along with diet and exercise, can potentially lower "bad" cholesterol
by 39% - 60%, reducing the risk of heart attack and stroke in patients with heart
disease or several common risk factors!

Demand for LVGI's Lipirestorin™ could absolutely skyrocket because of
demand for all-natural alternatives to dangerous statins!

This could mean that large gains are in store for early shareholders of LVGI!

To learn more about this exciting product with huge market potential, visit 
Liprestorin's product website

LVGI's Slam Infusination Line of Ready-to-Drink Alcoholic
the First to enter a Massive Untapped Market!

Limitless Brands has created Slam Infusination, a line of ready-to-drink (RTD)
alcoholic shots aimed at the virtually untapped grab-and-go counter item space. 

LVGI's Slam ready to drink (RTD) alcoholic shot that will change the way many
people consume alcohol!

The company's subsidiary has designed a RTD line of alcoholic shots that come 
in five different flavors and are available in 6 or 12 packs. 

This type of product alone could send shares of LVGI soaring as the market
for alcoholic beverages in the US has never been stronger!

The reason Slam is set to succeed is because of its unique branding and packaging.

Right now there are no portable flavored shots being marketed and sold 
gives LVGI an amazing market opportunity with Slam! 

Slam has it owns formulation, graphics and marketing departments and just as 
importantly, already has full federal and state approvals meaning it's ready to
go to market now!

Visit Slam's website to read more! 

With four different product lines in diversified industries that are ready to go and
dominate growing markets, LVGI is truly at the ground floor. 

We urge you to research the company right away and be ready to get involved
now as
LVGI could break out this week! 


Penny Stock Professor


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